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Originally begun as a site to test some ideas in perl, mysql database programming in 2000-2001. Starting with some work I had done for instore-solutions, I added user authentication, registration. Later I added a POP3 mail client. The first real use of a new Domain Model was when Guesttime gained a way to track wedding invitations and addresses. Slowly other experimental projects, such as MVC in perl, facebook apps, etc, have been added as well.

The code is still using table-based layout, and so it not be responsive or current, and it's still written in perl. My excuse is I only update the site maybe once a month. But it's a test bed I use for a low cost hosting website. Although it's using older technology, it's still written loosely on a MVC design, separating controller CGI from service/data APIs.

I turned off registration due to registration spam in 2009. If you're interested in becoming a member, let me know and I'll create an account for you.

I used this site to host several facebook applications which I've discontinued investing time in, let me know if you'd be interested in the source code.

  • Kitefield. Applet based game with XML/AJAX integration for tracking multiple players.
  • Grocery list constructor. Build a weekly grocery list.
  • Planet Gifts. Facebook application for sending customizable planets to friends.
  • Wumpus High School. Wumpus-style networked map game written in Javascript using the Facebook JavaScript API tracking items and returning them to users.
  • Pledge Application. Beta application to track user pledges on a facebook wall.


Last updated: Aug. 25, 2013